How to Start Your Career as a Professional Mascot:

If you’re an aspiring mascot performer looking to go pro, it can be tough to figure out how to break into the business. But, with the proper training, networking and hard work, you can find a fun and rewarding career as a professional mascot. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how you start your career.

Questions You Should Ask Before You Design a Mascot:

Mascots come in all shapes and sizes. Often, it is not only the character that dictates what the final mascot design will be. If you are considering the creation of a new mascot for your school or organization, then here are a few questions you should ask yourself while you’re in the design phase.

3 Signs Your Mascot Costume Needs Maintenance:

Take a close look at your school or company mascot. If you’ve had the costume for a while, it’s very likely it could use some maintenance to restore it back to tip top condition, ready for your next game or event. Regularly scheduled mascot repair is a good best practice, whether you use your mascot.

Where to Find Mascot Jobs:

Whether you’re in a big city or small town, there are plenty of opportunities available for different mascot jobs, if you know where to look. Here are some tips to help you start your search. Local Schools many schools at all levels have a mascot costume. While the school might have volunteer students or staff.

Tips for Performing as Different Types of Mascot Characters:

There are different mascots created for all kinds of reasons. Whether you are a company, sports team or school, your mascot character may be called upon to appear on different occasions and with very different audiences. The following tips will help you decide how to best characterize your mascot, depending on the situation.

First Time Mascot Performer Tips:

If you’ve recently landed your first project as a mascot performer, congratulations! However, you may not be sure what your next steps are to ensure your performance is a great success. Putting on a mascot suit and interacting with a crowd can be a very fun and rewarding experience for all, but it pays to be prepared!

Luckily, we at Logo Mekars Mascots have put together this guide for first time mascot performers to help you prepare and feel more confident in your performance.

Interacting With Children during a Mascot Performance:

While mascots are typically designed to be approachable and fun characters, they can sometimes be a little intimidating or scary for small children. Keep in mind that children of different ages will have varying reactions to your mascot performance – some will be shy, while others will be energetic and eager to participate. In any case, it’s up to you to adjust your performance accordingly. In this blog post, we’ve put together a number of suggestions for interacting with children to make sure everyone has a great time!

Before you dive into engaging with your young fans, stand back and wave, avoiding large movements that may be frightening. Make slower, less dramatic movements, allowing children to approach you for photos and hugs.

If the children you are performing for seem at all unsure of your character, and you’re not sure how they will react, try approaching a parent first. Have a friendly, positive interaction like a hug, high-five or handshake with a parent to demonstrate to children that you are approachable.