For many designers and visual creative’s, illustration is the gateway through which they can begin their pursuit to become creative professionals. As children, we were enthralled by the images in our books, inspired by the cartoons we watched, and spurred on by the thought of filling a blank page with our imaginations.

Personally, our admiration for illustrators started at a very young age. Like many of you, we collected comic books, traced and studied our favourite Disney and Loony Tons characters, and doodled incessantly in the margins of our school notebooks. To this day, we still draw in our notebooks and create visual narratives just for fun.

Illustration nowadays is a very exciting as new techniques and styles are being explored every day. With that in mind, we decided to look for some the best illustration websites to keep you inspired and motivated.

Finding illustration inspiration can be tough at times. Luckily there are many illustration blogs out there showcasing a wide variety of work. The following illustration blogs are ones which we frequent during our spare time. These are by far our favourite illustration blogs.


Trend Land is a frequently updated blog covering a wide variety of topics from design and fashion to tech. They often feature fashion illustration, collage, and mixed media art in their illustration section. Always worth checking out!


Pika Land is an extremely cute design and illustration blog updated almost daily by a number of contributors. There is a very wide variety of illustration styles featured and different illustrated elements showcased such as hand rendered illustrated typography, comics, doodles and traditional artworks.


This Canadian illustration blog is based out of Vancouver.  It is extremely playful, showcasing surreal and unusual illustration work that exudes creativity and provokes thought. Always worth checking for some indie art and illustration.


Juxtapose usually posts a couple of times per day, updating the website with new emerging artists and illustrators as well as updates on established artists and recent exhibits. The blog often showcases controversial art from erotic illustration and street art to tattoo art. 


The images featured on the illustration and design blog all have a very similar trendy flavour. If you enjoy this illustration style you will quickly become addicted to this blog. They also feature interviews with well-known illustrators. Pretty neat.


Another Canadian favourite, Drawn is an illustration blog which posts frequently about cartoons, character design, posters, toys and videos. 


Do you have an illustration blog or know of one that you think we should mention? Please post it in the comments sections. We would love to hear what you think!